What is the one thing that I wish every man would do on a more regular basis?


It’s to check in with himself and to create more insight by asking himself questions on a regular basis. Questions like “How is my stress level these days?” “Am I happy with my life?” “Am I happy with my relationship?” “If not, what kinds of changes do I need?” “What’s my self-care like these days?” “Am I getting around to that?” “Do I need to be better?” Those kinds of big-picture check-ins.

To reduce stress & heal from disturbing events

Generally speaking, women are much better at having insight into themselves and introspecting than their male counterparts are. We are raised and taught to be this way. I’m a woman and I have had a diary and journal since I was 12 years old. How many men do you know that journal on a regular basis? That is just one example of a way that we can develop insight and check in with ourselves.

Why it’s important

I wish more men would do that more often and here’s why I want them to have that opportunity. Without the insight into what’s working and what’s not working, you are much more likely to veer off course in your life and end up some place where you don’t actually want to be. You are also much more likely to prolong your own unhappiness if something isn’t working in your life and you’re just failing to check in with yourself and take note of it. Insight always has to come before action and remedying the situation.

What are you waiting for?

So, if that’s something that might benefit you or the man in your life, grab a notebook and pick a day and time when you can check in with yourself. Maybe it’s a Saturday with a cup of coffee, whatever works in your life, and try to make it a new routine.

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