How do you repair serious breaches of trust in your relationships when you’ve screwed up?

In my opinion, the answer is that trust has to be rebuilt in the small moments. Unfortunately, there is no singular or grandiose thing that one can do to restore trust to the level it was at before the event happened. Instead, it’s the small daily moments of new behaviors, and improved ways of handling events that allows trust to slowly rise again and be rebuilt.

This can be challenging, not only for the person who’s been hurt, but also for the individual who violated the trust. It means that there is going to be an amount of time where both people are going to have to breath through and endure discomfort.

And what matters most is what is the trend that you are observing now that the trust has been violated? Is trust continuing to rise? Are things improving with new actions or behaviors? Or are things trending in a different direction? So even though trust cannot be rebuilt overnight, if you see a positive trend, try to take a deep breath and be patient!

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