While supporting individuals and couples through this pandemic, I get to watch certain issues come in waves. If you have been feeling anxious lately, you are not alone. Although some of my clients are medical professionals working the frontlines, many of you are working from home. Some of you are reporting anxiety leaving the house to run a simple errand. Others are feeling anxious about their economic wellbeing.

My job is not to tell you how to handle this. But I do want to encourage you to screen your anxiety. Ask yourself whether or not the level of concern you’re feeling is warranted. Many people are experiencing increasing anxiety about two areas of their lives:

1. Their Home

For example, I’ve asked many of you about the safety precautions you take when you run an errand. After discussing how much you do to protect yourself and others, many of you realize that the risk to exposure is actually minimal. The level of anxiety you are feeling is disproportionate to the risk.

2. Their Wallet

Similarly, several of you have been talking to me about your finances, and I’m not including those of you who have taken financial hits. When we stop and list out your resources and emergency funds, we discover the the amount of anxiety is disproportionate to the current situation.

I know that uncertainty is the enemy of peace. Our nervous systems are running on overdrive about the future’s uncertainty. But if you can become a critical thinker, you can dissect whether or not your level of anxiety is warranted or unwarranted. When it is unwarranted, you can check yourself and release the anxiety even if just for today. Coming back to a sense of calm and safety is good for your emotional and physical wellbeing.

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